Code of Conduct! Must Read

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Code of Conduct! Must Read

Post by Surgeon@IMVU on Mon May 09, 2016 8:15 pm

We here at RPE fully believe that there are elite roleplayers-- There are the good and the Great. We intend to make you one of the Greats. However, you must comply to our rules of respect here.

As you'll see, there is a current RP Universe here on the forum. The standard rules of "T1" or "Forum" RP exist here. However, there is a set of rules for engagement.

Rules of Engagement:
Rules of Engagement:
1. This is Roleplay. We believe in grudge and uncalled for (purposeless) attacks and wars. However, you must first provide a week's notice to any institution's (Faction, Kingdom, Empire, Etc.) Game Manager (or 'leader'). The importance of this is to allow the GM to prepare OOCly to respond to your attack and war. You may think this directly inhibits your 'element of surprise'. But if you wished to surprise your opponent(s), you should have attacked from internally. Which moves us to Rule 2.

2. It is okay to begin a war/battle/DM out of nowhere (without warning) as long as you've already been within the RP for at least one week, and have already been roleplaying consistently with them.

3. If a RP war, or battle turns into a bickering match, you will be reprimanded (both sides). This means that, when reported, the event will be investigated to see who the source of the problem is. If the Institution you are attempting to attack denies you, you may report them for trying to avoid your right to attack them. However, if you are constantly coming after them (more than once in a 2 day period or if you are a chronic attacker), you will be considered the instigator. Usually, the result is a temporary restraint on your account (meaning you will not be able to read or respond to any forum content.)

4. You do not have to be friendly to your opponent(s), but respect is required. This is not strict, but if you consistently or annoyingly disrespect your opponents, you will result in a temporary restraint and it will show in the Admin record of your account.

5. If you have a RM roleplay in this RP universe, you may move your RP in the far reaches of the universe (In a galaxy far far away...), where PC and MP characters will be restricted. However, be aware that PC characters exist in this universe and you are and always will be at risk of encountering a powerful character in your RP-- Your only hope is to have technology or defenders of your RP that will keep you out of harms way.

Beyond the Rules of Engagement, there are a number of forum policies you should be aware of below.

Forum Policies:

1. This Forum Accepts the idea of elitesm in RM. This means we believe some to be better than others. Do not be upset if you are found to be of lesser value than another roleplayer.

2. It takes time to respond to your Request of Information on a topic. If you attempt to rush, your topic may be deleted. Respect your educators.

3. Read the "How To Navigate", don't be a douche because you didn't want to learn how we do things here.

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