Writing in Roleplay-- Posting 101

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Writing in Roleplay-- Posting 101

Post by Surgeon@IMVU on Tue May 10, 2016 12:46 pm

Grammar may have been the unfortunate, stagnant class of high-school to most who suffered through. But in Role-Play it is given quite the new light. The ability to utilize an institution (roleplay) and make worlds, people-- Just about anything happen given the right circumstances really moves people to participate. However, there are important aspects of role-play to keep in mind when writing. These are aspects that correlate with the direct rules of upper level roleplay, also known as T1, T0, and Detailed Forum roleplay. The first, and one of the most important rules is...

1. Although most people enjoy the idea of implementing a mysterious new figure into a RP, it is required in most open roleplays to have included a list of character abilities (either through a boring list or a demonstration and subtle hinting). It is the same with weapons, and armor. To easily remember this rule, consider this perspective: Everything you intend to use in the RP session must be able to be referenced to in your 'entrance', referred to in the "Entrance" thread.

Rationale: Why? Because when you are entering a RP that could turn hostile (and all role-plays on here and on advanced networks could turn hostile), you do not want your opponent to be illegitimately pulling out armament, weaponry, and powers out of nowhere simply to get the upper hand. No, this does not mean that because you know it, your character knows your opponents abilities. You must remember that your character cannot know the things you know in terms of OOC knowledge; Example: Knowing a character's location without significant data to allow your character to have such knowledge. Example2: Knowing your opponents abilities, or hidden weapons without significant data to provide said information to your character. This is a term you will encounter as 'Mixing' [Note: Not to be confused with Metagaming]

Critical Thinking Question #1: An advanced practice role-player enters a chat to witness two disgruntled role-players arguing over a certain point; Role-Player1 claims that Role-Player2 has started to use powers that the character should not have as they were not in the entrance. Role-Player2 States that the power was Hidden, and did not have to be in the entrance. Which Roleplayer do you know to be in the wrong, and why?

The role-player2 who hid the characters powers from the entrance was in the wrong-- If a power is not in the entrance it cannot be used, even if proof is displayed through character sheet that it is typically a trait of the character. [NOTE: Not all role-players are knowledgeable on these rules, and Role-Player2 may have been one of the unaware. It is important not to belittle this role-player, but ensure that you educate the role-player on the importance of stating abilities, weaponry, armament, and capabilities in the entrance post.

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