Astral Witchcraft

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Astral Witchcraft

Post by Surgeon@IMVU on Sat May 14, 2016 2:43 pm

Witchcraft. Often assumed to be connected to Satan, but it is in fact connected to higher powers. Not necessarily drawing on their power, but answering to them. In this case, Astral Witchcraft allows an entity to answer directly to an internal spirit (astral body; their soul) which is much more powerful as far as souls go. They can call upon, access, and utilize their soul for several forms of attacks and defenses; often from a distance.

Within the standard entity, there is a Tribody. The physical body, the mental body (psyche) and the astral body (soul/spirit). It is the astral body which exists in a dual nature, constantly in the physical and in the Locale 1 (direct environment of the physical body). It is often within the physical body, as the owner of an astral body does not always sense and even acknowledge their astral body, so it remains in the same place for their entire life-- Within them, powerless. Astral Witches break this chain, digging into their consciousness and beyond their psyche until they push their consciousness (psyche) into their astral bodies and move without their physical bodies. This is referred to as astral projection.

Often enough, this is used for Locale 1 projection, moving around a room, or around a battle field in order to deal local blows to the opponents astral body; their soul. Without a soul, the physical body usually dies. Done correctly, astral damage to their soul will inflict similar damage upon their body after the user has successfully grounded the opponents soul to their opponent's DNA (genetic make-up) creating a DNA-Soul connection. When the soul is damaged, the body takes equal damage. Or, one could just strip the soul of the body and watch as the body whithers away from shock.

So, how does this all work?

Your character is in a dark chamber, a cell. Locked away as your captors feast and enjoy what they believe is a victory. Your character meditations, drawing his or her consciousness into its own body as it delves into its own little reality. It falls into the psyche construct; an environment in which it walks around in the form of it's body. This psyche construct can manifest in any way the mind sees fit, a library full of knowledge, a castle full of deadly weapons, etc. But there, the psyche walks around as the new location of consciousness. Outside of this, the concept of time is altered heavily. Time is slow, the physical body rests in a form of slumber as the consciousness is not longer at that level. Every passing hour in reality is a number of hours inside the psyche.

That was not far enough, however. Your character needs to go further. The psyche lays out, wandering about the entire psyche until it eventually comes upon an odd construct within the psyche construct. A figure? A tree? A body lying still? A rock, even? In this case, it was a small crown. Like that of a king. Although its gems were replaced with onyx black gems. It was beautiful in a dark way. Your character's psyche walks upon it, grabbing at it. And when it reaches it, touches it, it is consumed by it. It falls into the astral body, awakening at another level. Here, time is slowed even further.

Hours in reality may have been days in the psyche, but hours in reality were weeks in the psyche. This was a great place to think, to plan. But even more so... The body stood. As it stood, it abandoned it's physical form. An invisible spectrum traversed the cell, walked up and down the halls, observed the feast as it moved so slowly in it's gaze. There, it began accumulating energy, calling upon the astral energy that surrounds it. [This would be considered the prep]

After seconds passed here, multiple seconds in reality, the astral body would become more visible as the accumulation of astral energy tethered to reality; the physical. Physical energy accumulated with the astral energy, drawing in as the astral projection would wave both hands forward. The astral energy drew in enough physical energy to create an intense conversion of heat. Fire, incinterative heat which blew forward in a swipe of the astral body's hands. Behind it, nothing but cinder and black skeletons remained, beginning to all crumble. Panic took hold as the black crown of the king (your captor), made black by the heat, molts down unto the ground. You cannot help but to laugh as your astral body walks back into the cell, accumulating enough energy to have a kinetic influence on the locking mechanism, and opening the metal door. It swung open and the astral body fell into the physical body, waking the body as consciousness was returned from the depths of the mind and back into reality. Your character wakes to the sound of screams of panic, and he or she smiles. The start of the war.

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