How to Navigate Forumotion for Newbies.

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How to Navigate Forumotion for Newbies.

Post by Surgeon@IMVU on Mon May 09, 2016 10:12 pm

Above is a set of buttons; Log In/Log Out, Index, Calendar, FAQ, Search, Members, Groups, Profile, Messaging. This will be your forefront in navigating RPE.

Log In/Log Out will display depending on whether or not you are logged in. When logged in, only the option to log out will display in this section. When logged out, Only the option to log in will show here-- Also you may find that some of the other tabs are missing as well.

Index will take you to the 'home page'. It will take you to the listing of the categories and main forums. There, you will find where you need to go based on Category-- Elaborated on later.

Calendar is used to display forum-wide events. It is very unlikely that there will be an event occurring anytime soon, so this is irrelevant for the time being.

FAQ will be your go-to if you have questions. You will find a number of frequently asked questions that other users may have had, and you may resolve an issue there. If not, please contact the administrator or Surgeon@IMVU via messaging.

Search will allow you to find certain topics (threads), and forums much faster. It also helps you find threads another user has posted in or started.

Members is a tab that will allow you to search and find the members currently registered on RPE for reference.

Groups is a location where you can join specific groups of Forumotion. Currently, there are no groups. There may be some to come-- You may even start one?

Profile takes you to your profile page, a basic card of information for your avatar picture (a picture display of you of your choice). You can edit your information here, and personalize your account.

Messaging is obvious; go here if you wish to send a message or review your current messages.

When at the Index (Home Display), you will notice that the categories are in different boxes of their own. Within those categories, you will find main forums. The best example of this is on the first Category which this thread is contained in. Within Each Forum, one is able to start a new 'Topic' which is a thread. When you start a thread, it is basically a message, or the start of a RP. On here, starting a thread is the start of a question. When you do this, you will do this in the category of based on the type of question you have [Writing, Powers, or Legal]. A Moderator will respond to your question with an answer as best they can. You may continue to ask questions on that topic through that thread. Please search for previously asked questions on that topic before starting a new one.

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